One of the primary functions of the Home School Institute on an on-going basis will be the creation of Seminars and Webinars that will be of particular interest to homeschoolers. It is expected that each month the Home Learning Association will make at least one of the Institutes’ Webinars or Seminars available to their members.
Webinars currently in development that are not already on the schedule include:

  • Testing Without Testing
  • Dealing with ”Disorders” Without Pharmaceuticals
  • The Changing Laws
  • Beating Common Core

    The full list of Webinars that are already on the schedule can be found at Home Learning Association Webinar List.

    To sign-up for the Webinars the cost is $15.00 ($7.50 for Home Learning Association Members).


Although there are currently no Seminars on the schedule, the cost to attend a seminar will be $75.00 ($37.50 for Home Learning Association Members).


Keep checking back for details regarding dates and times for upcoming webinars and seminar postings. If you would like to be specifically notified when one of the webinars, listed above, will be held and who will be presenting it, feel free to send your request to: Webinars@HomeSchoolInstitute.com.


For those of you who would like to work with the Home School Institute to create a homeschool related or relevant webinar or seminar, please email us whatever ideas you might have to: Speakers@HomeSchoolInstitute.com.


Likewise, anyone who would like to recommend a speaker for us to contact about making a presentation can email their suggestions to the same address. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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