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The Home School Institute is currently in development on a board game called "HomeSchool-The Game". The game is being designed, in the spirit of collaboration, with the idea that all players will work together to either win or lose the game as a team.


It will be our children who will be finding and implementing solutions to the problems of tomorrows’ world ranging from saving the rainforests to ending war and famine. The current ways of thinking, as a result of the schooling received by the last generation, are clearly not working as evidenced by the fact that the problems just keep getting worse.


It will be the out-of-the-box critical thinking of homeschoolers that will be needed. This game is designed to help inspire Terra Scholars to start thinking about what kinds of things can be done if smart people all work together.


Homeschool-the Game is for children ages 7 through adult and is sure to become a family favorite. The game seamlessly integrates learning, with the enjoyment and challenge of working as a team, to piece together clues and apply facts to solving giant puzzles that may ultimately be the key to the survival of humanity itself. Puzzles that will ultimately have real meaning in the players lives as they learn more and more about the challenges facing the people of today.


While it may take a few attempts for the team to win each quest, every attempt will generate new discussion, new ideas, and new strategies. It will also inspire camaraderie between the family members or friends that work together to figure out the solutions to a dozen different challenges facing mankind right now.


The game was initially, conceptually, inspired by the games of Life, Clue and Clue Finders but it has evolved to much much more than was originally intended.


To further make the game interesting, intermixed with the facts and clues will be "Time Portal" Cards, "Mystery Ally" Cards and "Glitch" cards that will be included in the mix. These are sure to challenge all of the players critical thinking skills as well as their ability to think "outside-of-the-box".


The game will also be designed to become more meaningful as a student gets older with the idea that the game will be played periodically to see how a students perceptions and strategies change over time.


Never has there been a game that has been so much fun and yet been so meaningful to the players real lives. Preliminary reviews suggest that this game may represent education at its finest.


The game is expected to be released early in 2014 and will be priced at $25 or $12.50 for members of the Home Learning Association.


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