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Why is the Terra Scholar E-book Free?


We know that times are difficult right now and that educational materials are expensive. But we also know that it is critically important for any parent, who is seriously considering homeschooling, to have access to the most relevant information about how to make the decision and then what they need to know after that.


The Terra Scholar E-book contains some of the best information from hundreds of different sources and will hopefully become the most widely read book on the subject. To help that happen we figured out a way to make the information free to everyone by having affiliate marketers subsidize the cost of the book.


Each E-book contains advertisements from companies that provide products and services that are generally of particular interest to homeschoolers. So we felt that homeschool families would want to know about these vendors anyway so it only made sense to let the advertisers pay so that the readers didn't have to. By doing so, people can post the link to where to get a free download of the E-book on their social media posts and tweets to spread the word and we get paid whnever someone clicks on the ads in the book and then acquires something that they need or want for their homeschooling adventure. It was a win-win-win for everyone.



How do I get the Home Learning Association Member Price for the Game, the Webinars and Testing, as well as the free DVD set?


If your family homeschools then you are eligible to become a member of the Home Learning Association. Members are then eligible to get discounts not only on the items offered on this site but through many other sources as well. Full details on becoming a Member of the Home Learning Association can be found at: http://www.homelearningassociation.com/how_it_works.php


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