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Homeschool Teacher DVD Course


Homeschool Teacher DVD Course
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The fact is that virtually every parent is more than qualified to teach their children and they require no credentials whatsoever. Parents are the best possible teachers for their children but some parents have indicated that they would feel more comfortable, when talking to in-laws and neighbors, if they knew more about what being a homeschool teacher really meant and what it included.


So, the Home School Institute (HSI) is offering this 5 Disk Course on DVD mainly as a resource tool that provides valuable information to help provide confidence and perseverance when dealing with nay-sayers.


This DVD set contains hundreds of  video clips, extracted from presenations that were given by some of the world’s foremost experts on education and homeschooling.


Although the source videos can be found for free on the internet, the HSI gives value to this course by having sorted through hundreds of hours of  presentations and by selected only the best parts of those videos that directly answer the most important questions that homeschool teachers have.  Additional new information was then interjected around the clips to make it all make sense and to fill in any gaps.


This course provides parents with exactly what is needed to develop the right mind-set, including specifically the confidence, to be able to help their children teach themselves from birth through college and beyond.


A full 10 1/2 hours of instruction on a 5 Disc DVD Set including the following:

What is Homeschooling
Different Methods Used
History of Public School
Facts About Public Schools
Why People Homeschool
Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool
Information and Resources You Need
What Do Kids Actually NEED to Learn
Do’s and Don’ts
Steps to Homeschooling
Learning Styles
Choosing Curriculum
Retaining Creativity
Testing Considerations
Socialization and Self-Esteem
Organization and Scheduling
Support Group and Co-op’s
College or Not
Learning the Laws
Possibilities for the Future


Access to the On-line version of the entire 5- disc set is FREE to members of the Home Learning Association:


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