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The Home School Institute (HSI) is completely dedicated to finding innovative new ways to help the homeschooling movement grow and to provide homeschooling families all of the information they might need to do the best they can to learn and grow outside of the government run school system.


Initially HSI’s efforts have been focused on:

  1. Causing a comprehensive e-book to be created, that can be downloaded for free by anyone interested in homeschooling, called “Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler”.
  2. Causing a 5-Disc Instructional DVD Program to be created called the “HSI Homeschool Teacher Course” which can be acquired at a very low cost to help parents acquire the confidence and mind-set necessary to be the best homeschool “teachers” that they can be.
  3. Causing a series of Webinars (and eventually Seminars as well) to be created, which will also be available at a very low cost, to keep parents completely up to speed on the most important issues at the time.
  4. Causing a new board game called “Home School - The Game” to be created that will help to inspire outside-the-box critical thinking skills and show how collaboration can help to solve real world problems; and
  5. Causing new concepts in Testing to be developed and tested with the hope that an alternative to “Standardized Testing” can be found.



The Home School Institute is conducting a comprehensive nationwide study to determine to what extent public schools are actually failing and what damage they do to the children that go to them. The Institute is making an open call to every parent to tell their story, good or bad, about their experience with public school. Parents that would like to submit their stories should be as specific as possible about what happened to their child, how old the child was at the time, what the school did after the incident and what long term effects, if any, the child has experienced because of it. All stories will remain completely confidential and no story will be cited in the final report without express permission and even then all names will be changed to protect the innocent. Any success stories that parents want to submit should detail why they believe that their school was specifically responsible for the child's success and they should ask themselves if there is any chance that the child would have been successful even without the school. Parents should indicate, in any submission, if they would like to receive a free copy of the final report of findings once they are available. Click Submissions should be emailed to: MyStory@Homeschool
or sent by mail to 333 W. Hampden Ave. -Suite 420-D, Englewood, CO 80110

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